Train To Play

Competitive athletes possess something that most others don’t.  We choose to face adversity and competition.  Those challenges evaluate our ability to fail or succeed under pressure.  Successful performance on the elite level is built with consistent habits—habits built in the weight room, during cone drills, hill sprints and all other tools used in the athletic training platform.

When you train, you’re constantly fighting the body’s urge to slow down or stop, and that forces you to decide on whether you’re going to quit, or if we’ll push yourself until failure.  Consider when you need to push out two more reps or stack more weight on the bar and your body desperately wants to shut down—you are faced to ask yourself, “Do I gain or am I satisfied with what I’ve already done?” By facing these obstacles, your body is forced to overcome its previous limits.

Be determined to fight through limits and fear losing, or being average.  Develop this mindset in the weight room and during speed drills.  When your strength coach talks about you, will they say that you’re the hardest working kid on the team?  Your training can make you stronger and faster, but how far are you willing to push it to succeed?  Results attract recruiters, scouts and agents.  Get results.

-Jonathan Lemery, Strength & Speed Coach

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